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SOLD OUT!!!  Tango in Umbria

27th September to 2nd October 2018.


Tango in the Medieval hamlet

Hotel Relais Il Canalicchio is a converted medieval hamlet situated in the heart of the countryside. The hotel features truly superb views of the Umbrian landscape. Is part of a large working estate and uses its own organic products in its restaurant.

• 4*  Hotel Accommodation at Relais il Canalicchio SPA

• Breakfast & Dinner (water and wine included)
• 8 hours of Tango lessons
• Evening practice/milonga
• Transfer from/to Rome Fiumicino Airport
• Included: 2 Excursions and guided day-out tours: Perugia and Assisi.

OPTIONAL : Night out at a local Milonga.

The charming stone buildings and cobbled streets were built in the Middle Ages. The castle itself was constructed in the 10th and 11th centuries by the Longobards as a rural outpost near Perugia. The hilltop position gave it a good vantage point to see potential invaders approaching. The site had been previously inhabited by Benedictine monks, drawn here by the natural beauty and peacefulness of the wooded landscape.


Inside, everything is decorator-perfect with a homelike, comfortable ambiance created by the use of fine antique.

The spacious bedrooms have the feel of an English country manor, with pretty floral fabrics, coordinating wallpapers, and accents of antiques.

All rooms have independent air-conditioning, a minibar, satellite television and a private safe, private bathroom with tub or shower, hair dryer.

Courtesy, elegance, professionalism and good taste will welcome you to make the typical cuisine umbra to taste you, made of simple dishes, fruit of the earth and the typical country tradition, prepared for you by the our chef!
You can appreciate besides the products of the Farm House “La Canalicchio”, which are aimed at qualified consumers who know how to appreciate the genuine goodness of Umbria and can recognise the difference: Olive oil, Wine, Honey, Tomatoes, Beans, Lentils.

The TANGO CLASSES (8 hs tuition) will be held in the Hotel in 1509932_10152594467902190_4605619428040394218_nsessions of 1.30/ 2 hours, according to the programme of the day. Intensive and very personalised tuition!!!

The dance floor will also be available every evening for us to dance and practice!


piazzaGuided excursion to the city of Perugia

From the countryside, we will plunge, for a whole day, into the fabulous City of Perugia, which was one of the main Etruscan Cities. It is also known as the “Universities town” with the University of Perugia founded in 1308 and many other institutes. after a guided visit of the centre of the city, we will have plenty of free time for sightseeing and shopping!

Bright and lively, culturally and socially, Perugia is a city full of “secrets” to disclose: the suggestion is that of exploring it with curiosity to fully appreciate the excitement and fascination of discovery.

The real entrance to Perugia is the Rocca Paolina, an historical-architectural complex unique in its kind, “enclosure” of the mediaeval city hidden inside. Going through it thanks to the escalators, between historical remnants and contemporary suggestions, you get to the heart of the city, cosy lounge of the city where citizens and tourists today love to gather as in the past the several visitors of the Grand Tour.

Starting a visit, the city suggests various itineraries that, in their paths, reassemble, as in an ideal book, the many passages of the Italian and European history. From the XIII century Fontana Maggiore begins an enchanting itinerary of the historic centre, rich in treasures, which will bring to the discovery of the excellences, of a city that will never cease to surprise: museums, churches, palaces, mediaeval towers beyond significate modern and contemporary witnesses.

Guided excursion to the town of Assisi

Assisi is a picturesque hill town. It was the birthplace of St. Francis (1181-1226), one of Italy’s patron saints. The Basilica of St. Francis is a massive, 2-level church, consecrated in 1253. Assisi is a good town for wandering and exploring. Its narrow and steep lanes are picturesque and conceal plenty of surprises: a hidden restaurant, a faded fresco, a stunning view. Occasional olive groves are dotted among the stairways and rooftops, where shy cats creep out of sight of passers-by. Assisi was added to
Unesco’s World Heritage List in 2000.


Assisi represents an ensemble of masterpieces of human creative genius, such as the Basilica of San Francesco, which have made it a fundamental reference for art history in Europe and in the world. The interchange of artistic and spiritual message of the Franciscan Order has significantly contributed to developments in art and architecture in the world.
Assisi represents a unique example of continuity of a city-sanctuary within its environmental setting from its Umbrian-Roman and medieval origins to the present, represented in the cultural landscape, the religious ensembles, systems of communication, and traditional land-use. Being the birthplace of the Franciscan Order, Assisi has from the Middle Ages been closely associated with the cult and diffusion of the Franciscan movement in the world, focusing on the universal message of peace and tolerance even to other religions or beliefs.

Thursday 5th to 10th October 2017

The Trulli of Alberobello

The Prehistoric Tradition of Dry Stone Architecture

From the UNESCO World Heritage list: “The site is of outstanding universal value being an exceptional example of a form of building construction deriving from prehistoric construction techniques that have survived intact and functioning into the modern world”.

• 4*  Hotel Accommodation 5min walk from the centre of Alberobello

• Breakfast & Dinner
• 8 hours of Tango lessons
• Evening practice/milonga
• Transfer from/to Airport
• Optional activities: excursions to Ostuni “the wite city”, Castellana Caves, Polignano a Mare (oo7 movie setting), lunch  & wine tasting in a local farm, visit to an Olive oil factory, evening at a local Milonga.

We invite you to discover the ancient town of Alberobello.   

Trulli are vernacular buildings characterised by quadrilateral shape, covered by conic roofs, and dsc_0991constructed using roughly worked limestone boulders collected from the neighbouring fields. Later, as large water-collecting basins were created in the area, they were built directly on the underlying natural rock, using drywall technique exclusively. They constitute a very peculiar architectural expression; on the one side, they were created upon the tradition of ancient technologies and typologies, dating back to the prehistoric age and surviving through time in this southern Italian region without any interruption; on the other side, the current situation led to a wide geographical distribution in the 17th and 18th centuries.

The most touristy part of Alberobello is Rione Monti, a district on a slope facing the modern town centre. It consists of several narrow lanes sloping upwards, with others winding along the hillside, and is extremely picturesque both from afar and close up.

We will be staying at the 4* Hotel Ramapendula, which is just 10 min walk form the town centre. Recently built, the Hotel Ramapendula has spacious and confortable rooms, all elegantly furnished, air condition, private bathroom, tv, telephone, hairdryer and free wi-fi in all the hotel.   images






The restaurant serves delicious mediterranean cuisine with authentic flavours from the earth and sea of Puglia, prepared from the Chef in a warm and familiar atmosphere.



The TANGO CLASSES (8 hs tuition) will be held in the Hotel in 1509932_10152594467902190_4605619428040394218_nsessions of 1.30/ 2 hours, according to the programme of the day. Intensive and very personalised tuition!!!

The dance 70sq meters floor will also be available every evening for us to dance and practice!



Alberobello itself is a magic town to visit. In the modern part of town, the 18th-century­ Trullo Sovrano is the only two-floor trullo, built by a wealthy priest’s family. It’s a small museum providing an insight into trullo life, with sweet, rounded rooms that include a recreated bakery, bedroom and kitchen. The souvenir shop here has a wealth of literature on the town and surrounding area, plus Alberobello recipe books. There is also the interesting museum of the Country Life, to show the traditional lifestyle and artisan work of the people living in the trullo in the past.

Ostuni, Wine tasting Olive oil Factory

We are planning different excursions (not included) to get to know OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAthe wonders of the Itria Valley surrounding Alberobello.  Travel in a coach to Ostuni, “the white city”for its white walls and its typically white-painted architecture. The region around Ostuni has been inhabited since the Stone age. The town is reputed to have been originally established by the Messapii a pre-classic tribe, and destroyed by Hannibal during the Punic wars. It was then re-built by the Greeks, the name Ostuni deriving from the Greek Astu néon (“new town”).

Ostuni also has an industrial zone; the region is producer of high quality olive oil and wine. That is why, we will be having luch and wine tasting locally and will visit a local Olive Oil factory.


The Caves of Castellana & Polignano a Mare

The Grotte di Castellana are one of the most important attractions of Puglia and natural heritage of inestimable value to Italy.03-grave-300x158

Located at the entrance of the Itria Valley, the Grotte di Castellana began to form about 90 million years ago.

The beauty of the Caves of Castellana attracts tourists from all over the world. A unique guided tour of the caves in an amazing scenario made of stalactites, stalagmites, concretions, incredible shapes, fossils, canyons and caves with fantastic names; calcifications from conformations and amazing colors solicit the imagination of children and adults.grottecastellana-speleonight-2-1-300x158

During the exploration, at a constant temperature of around 16 ° -18 °, you will fell wonder and astonishment for the great show the nature give; in hundreds of millions of years the nature has shaped the rock into fantastic speleothems.

The Caves of Castellana are a good opportunity to enjoy one of the most amazing natural wonders of a wonderful Puglia.

The fantastic old town of Polignano, sited on its rocky promontory is always going to be the star attraction of this ancient town which was probably founded originally and part of Ancient Greece as the town of “Neapolis”, in fact many people still see a Greek flavour to the design and layout of the town.puglia-polignano-a-mare-1441619957-0bo9-630x288

As we always do, we are also planning to spend a night out at a LOCAL MILONGA (in Noci and/or Bari TBC)

Luxury Tango Holiday in TAORMINA, Sicily, ITALY – SOLD OUT

14th to 19th October 2016



A patch of paradise:  Taormina, Isola bella and mount Etna
• Boutique Art Hotel accommodation in the heart of Taormina
• Breakfast & Dinner
• 10 hours of Tango lessons
• Evening practice/milonga
• Transfer from/to Airport
• Optional activities: excursion to Volcano Etna & wine tasting,
evening at a local Milonga, night out at the Opera

imagesWe invite you to discover the ancient city of Taormina.

As soon as you arrive in Taormina, you will feel the magical, mythical atmosphere spread all around which has enchanted visitors from all over the world for years and years. Settled on a hill of the Monte Tauro, Taormina dominates two grand, sweeping bays below and on the southern side, the top of Mount Etna, the European highest active volcano, often capped with snow, offering to the visitors a breathtaking, dramatic and memorable view over almost one hundred miles of Mediterranean sea.


Taormina really seems to be born as a tourist resort since past times, when ancient people like the Sicels, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Saracens, Arabs, Normans and Spaniards chose it as their residential site thank to its favourable position, mild climate and magic atmosphere. Nowadays visitors can still find fine examples of Taormina’s golden times: the splendid Greek Theatre, the 10th century Palazzo Corvaja, the 13th century Cathedral of Saint Nicolò, and many others.


The resort was first publicised by German artists. In 1787 J.W. Goethe discovered the beauties of Sicily and, in particular, of Taormina. He wrote the world known novel “Italian Journey”, in which he describes the beauties of this land and its people and pronounced Taormina a “patch of paradise”.



You can visit also the gardens of Villa Comunale which originally was the park of the private house of Lady Florence Trevelyan, a noble English lady, Queen Victoria’s cousin, who lived in Taormina from 1884 to 1907.

DSC00617Travel in a coach to 6,234 feet (1,900 m) above sea level and reach Europe’s tallest active volcano, the majestic Mount Etna, a UNESCO world heritage site. Wine tasting and lunch at a local “agriturismo” (organic farm).

Pass through ancient craters, lava flows and lush forests as you make your way to Mount Etna. Marvel at breathtaking views from the foothills of the mountain and see the rich vegetation in this fertile volcanic soil.

In the past, frequent eruptions caused structural damage to the houses on the flanks of the volcano and today Mount Etna is still in a constant state of activity.



For a complete picture of Sicily’s unspoiled beauty, take a stroll through the charming town of Taormina and admire the fascinating Sicilian coast.

funiviaA funicular links Taormina with the Mazzaro Beach (Taormina’s cristal clear water Beach) in just 2 minutes. There, you can visit the natural park of Isolabella or travel a bit further towards the popular tourist destination of  Giardini Naxos.



It might be possible to book a show at the Theatre San Giorgio to enjoy the most famous arias of the italian Opera tradition.


As we always do, we are also planning to spend a night out at a LOCAL MILONGA (in Messina or in Catania TBC)

All the activities planned will be performed in a friendly and joyful atmosphere, relaxed, no hurry, nice and easy!


We love Tango, Culture, Good food and Good friends to share all this with. You too? So, welcome on board!

We will chose a flight for the group, in order to offer a group transfer from/to the Airport. Should you decide to fly independently, transfer from Catania to Taormina (50Km) with shuttle, taxi, train is very easy and has a reasonable price.

The price of the Holiday is £695 pp (double/twin shared accommodation) if booked before 30th March

From 1st April the price is £725pp
Single room supplement £150
Deposit £280 pp (non refundable)


17th to 22nd October 2014  

18th to 23rd October 2015 



18th to 21st September 2015

To get rid of bad habits and tensions, surrounded by Italian charm

Feel better, Dance better!

• 3 nights, 3 stars accommodation

• Breakfast & Dinner

• 6 hours of Tango lessons

• Evening practice/milonga

• Transfer from/to Airport on selected flights

• Optional activities: Excursion Cableway to Monte Baldo, Boat trip to Riva del Garda, Limone



We invite you to discover the beautiful Malcesine, a small town on the eastern shore of Lake Garda in Northern Italy. It’s a picturesque tourist resort with cobbled lanes and a castle, crammed between the blue lake waters and the massive mountain ridge behind, Monte Baldo.

There are four principal tourist activities for visitors to Malcesine: wander the town’s lanes; catch the boat to other lake resorts; take the cable-car up to the heights of Monte Baldo.

There are pretty little squares, cafes, restaurants and gelaterie. The main harbour is typical of Lake Garda: small, attractive, filled with boats and lined with cafes. A short distance away is the old port, a quieter spot with good lake views, curious sculptures and more restaurants.

Malcesine’s most striking feature as you approach over Lake Garda is its historic castle, the Castello Scaligero, which is also the town’s main tourist attraction. The building takes its name from the della Scala family, who owned it and made alterations in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries; the castle was being used, restored and adapted for military purposes up until the nineteenth century. Nowadays it is open to the public as a museum.

Malcesine, with its historic and romantic twists and turns is, and has been, a place of interest and refuge for artists. In 1786 the poet Wolfgang Goethe left several drawings of the area which are preserved in the Scaligero Museum. Gustav Klimt, the Viennese exponent of Art Nouveau, also spent some time in Malcesine and did some beautiful paintings of Malcesine.

A cableway runs from Malcesine up to Monte Baldo, dimbing from 100m to 1760m. This is a great excursion. A panoramic path leads along the flower-strewn ridge to a lovely viewpoint about 20 minutes’ easy walk away. For those who fancy the exercise, there is a footpath comfortable to follow for 1 hour, with very good views. malc cable

We will stay at the newly built ASTORIA Hotel, which is frequented by an international clientele but retains the warm and friendly atmosphere of a family run place. At only 3 Km from Malcesine, the Hotel Astoria enjoy a superb lakeside location just cross from the beach. The centre of the village is easily reached thanks to the newly built path, reserved for cyclists and pedestrians, with great scenery all the way.

The Hotel has a large bar with terrace facing the lake, an attractive dining room where guests can enjoy the excellent traditional cuisine.

All the bedrooms have an en suite shower and wc, hairdryer, balcony with lake or mountain view, satellite TV, telephone, radio, safe and air conditioning.

Outside, tranquillity and relaxation are the order of the day. You can sunbathe by the swimming pool surrounded by large gardens or sit, drink in hand, under the shade of ancient olive trees.

The town Council of Malcesine offers a ‘Tourist Bus’ service which covers most of the area every hour until the early hours of the morning. Bus Stop at the Hotel Astoria which a few stops away from the Castle in Malcesine centre.
















The TANGO CLASSES (6 hs tuition) will be held in the Hotel, in sessions of 2 hours, in the morning or afternoon, depending on the programme of the day. Intensive and very personalised tuition!!!

The programme of the classes matches the atmosphere of relaxation and well being that we wish to enjoy in this weekend. We will work mainly on the Sandra and Santiago (35 of 70)feeling of the dance from a correct posture, to find the connection with our dancing partner without loosing our axes, our own centre of energy.

The dance floor will also be available any time of the day if you wish to practice. As well, every evening we will have a social dance. We are checking the possibility of a night out at a local milonga. More details will be confirmed soon.

All the activities planned will be performed in a friendly and joyful atmosphere, relaxed, no hurry, nice and easy!

We love Tango, Culture, Good food and Good friends to share all this with. You too? So, welcome on board!

We will chose a flight for the group, in order to offer a group transfer from/to the Airport. Should you decide to fly independently, transfer from Verona Airport to Malcesine with public transports or shuttle is very easy.

EARLY BIRDS DISCOUNT (Until 30th April) £360 pp (double/twin shared accommodation only, no single room available)

£400pp if booking after 30th April.

Deposit £200pp